More About Our Leadership...

Shaelon Winans is the co-founder of Keeping Them Alive.  She has an extensive clerical, financial and administrative background which allows her to have a pivotal role in the structure of Keeping Them Alive.  Her computer training skills and her ability to assist with resume writing is something that is important in the development of the youth and their parents.  Shaelon’s passion and one of her greatest joys is giving full support to her husband’s endeavors.  She believed in the vision that Ray Winans had for Keeping Them Alive and has since been handling the organizational structure of Keeping Them Alive.

James Holmes is the director of Keeping Them Alive. He is a licensed chef and substance abuse counselor.  His passion is teaching young people the importance of healthy living through healthy cooking.  James also teaches on the dangers of drug abuse, the importance of decision making, giving back to the community and leading by example.

Aisa Villarosa Berg is one of the co-directors of Keeping Them Alive who was born in Detroit, a second generation Filipina American “Pinay.” As a political science major at the University of Michigan with a concentration in Asian/Pacific Island American Studies, Aisa served as a student teacher for two years at the Philippine American Community Center of Southfield, Michigan. There, she taught local youths in an intergenerational, multicultural space about Filipino American history, social justice, and the presence of Asian Americans in Detroit. In 2007, she interned in Washington, DC for the Praxis Project, a national nonprofit addressing health, education, and poverty Issues surrounding the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Aisa is a 2011 graduate of Wayne State University Law School, where she began working towards Detroit revitalization efforts with The 313 Project — first, as a student coalition and now, as a nonprofit organization. In 2011, she received a post-graduate Skadden Public Interest Fellowship, with a focus on children’s law and juvenile justice. Through the Michigan Children’s Law Center, Aisa currently represents Detroit-area youths who come under the juvenile court system. She enjoys painting, flyer design, and photography.


Breana L. Curry is one of the co-directors of Keeping Them Alive.  She is an advocate for at-risk youth who has a passion for providing assistance and mentorship in hopes of avoiding involvement, or further involvement, with the juvenile justice system. She is a current graduate of Michigan State University who holds a BA in Criminal Justice, as well as a BA in Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in Child and Youth Development. Her passion stems from exposure and observation of crime at a young age.  While serving as an advocate/mentor for the MSU Adolescent Diversion Project, her efforts and hard work led her to be promoted to a case supervisor/teaching assistant for the program; a position in which she still holds. She is also currently involved with the Starr Commonwealth organization and Keeping them Alive.  Breana takes pride in the fact that our children are our future and plans to continue to take great strides in order to effectively impact the youth in our society.

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