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Keeping Them Alive (K.T.A.) empowers Detroit’s young people through mentorship, positive action and community building.  Keeping Them Alive challenges its youth members to actively organize to reduce youth violence and increase youth education in their schools and communities.  Detroit’s young people are passionate and brilliant.  However, the ills of the city – particularly violence directed at youth and a systemic shortage of educational opportunities and supportive resources for these young people – demand an even greater and united solution to keep Detroit youths motivated, engaged and on an upwards track to self-sufficiency, safety and success.  Keeping Them Alive provides a vital safety net for Detroit youths MOST in need of guidance and direction through mentorship, skills building and education. 

It is our belief that by developing their own plan, youth have the opportunity to create - and potentially even bring to life – solutions to the tremendous economic and social issues plaguing Detroit such as poverty, illiteracy and youth violence.

Our Seven Point Plan:

1 Goal Setting Youth must understand the relationship between goals and their
level of success.
2 Awareness To promote initial awareness towards self and one’s home environment and community as well as time management.
3 Trust Enhance trust in relationships between youth and adults.
4 Problem Solving Complete youth effort is required to find solutions.
5 Culture Provide culturally diverse learning focused on language, history,
art, music and lifestyles of diverse cultures.
6 Leadership Provide leadership skills through meaningful participation and decision making.
7 Effective Communication To reduce frustration, anger management and produce
critical thinking.

Our Project Outcome

The youth will have life skill learning tools that will expand their outlook on life, careers, education and their community as well as familiarizing them in areas of self-interest.  The youth will have the skills to become mentors amongst their peers; having the ability to identify high-risk people, places and situations.

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