Meet Ray Winans...

Ray Winans is a community organizer and youth mentor who has an obvious passion for youth.  Born and raised in the city of Detroit, Ray has transformed pain from personal tragedy into motivation and determination to reduce violence and the school dropout rate with Detroit youth.  Ray spends a lot of his volunteer time inside the Wayne County Juvenile Facility advocating for the youth.  Whenever asked why Ray is so passionate about what he does for youth, he can be quoted as saying, “I was once a work in progress that people often misjudged so I owe it to the youth to let them see that their future is a lot bigger than their present situation”. He also uses his passion, energy and love of youth to empower, mentor and educate the community on the importance of education and conflict avoidance.  Because of Ray’s hard work and dedication to community, he was granted the opportunity to be a member of BMe (Black Male Engagement) visit



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